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Project Description
A command line utility that allow to Shutdown, Restart, Identify (backlight screen blinking) and get information (date and disk size info) from any IomegaNas.


Allows to do a few task that can be performed in the web interface without using it, only command line.

This is useful when is needed to Shutdown or Restart Iomega NAS using a script or query information for logging purposes.

- Shutdown the device
- Restart the device
- Identify the device (screen backlight will blink to allow identify the device)
(incase of error will be thrown of "OK" displayed in case of success)
- Default action will display some information Status and enviromental

Example info displayed:
Status Info:
time: 06/02/2013 4:19 p.m.
totalSpace: 1,4 TB
usedSpace: 933 GB
backupSpace: 0 B
freeSpace: 459 GB

Enviroment Info:
System: 30°C/86°F
Internal Fan: 749 RPM
V1.1: 1.09 V
V3.3: 3.36 V

Show the arguments help
IomegaNas.exe -help
To shutdown:
IomegaNas.exe -host -username admin -password contrasena -action s
To restart:
IomegaNas.exe -host -username admin -password contrasena -action r
To identify the device (blink backlight):
IomegaNas.exe -host -username admin -password contrasena -action b
To show information:
IomegaNas.exe -host -username admin -password contrasena -action i
or just (info is the default)
IomegaNas.exe -host -username admin -password contrasena
Where is the ip, admin is the username and contrasena is the user password.


Compiled in .NET Framework 4.0 but probably will work in other versions.

Im not related in any form to Iomega and Iomega has registered its own commercial marks and patents.
This program only performs operation in command line that could be done just using a browser.

Feedback are welcome, if this program was useful to you or you want to request a new feature you could comment or add an item in the Issue Tracker.

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This can also be done using curl:

If you prefer, you could try to access using SSH
I think probably will have a "shutdown" command but I think this is not supported by Iomega, so I recommend to use the supported web interface method (instead of shutdown command via ssh).

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